Finding Freedom in Isolation

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is impacting our mental health.

Though most of us are going a bit stir crazy- consuming shit tons of more technology than usual. Hosting Zoom Easters that get cut short by awkward silence. Or the opposite- conversations that go on too long. Where your family is screaming over each other.

We have to remember that there is some type of freedom in isolation. For many of us, this virus has forced us to take a step back and start analyzing our lives.

Am I doing what I realllllly want to do? Am I spending enough time with the ones I love? Is that time quality? Am I doing enough to help those in need? Am I happy at my current job? Maybe I want to shift away from working with the public because this pandemic has made me scared.

Fear is powerful.

....Especially when time is the only decider.

I do feel there is beauty in everything. One of the most beautiful things about isolation is that it forces you to think. I was too busy running around to tackle some old thoughts.

In some weird way, this shift of perspective and physical confinement liberated me.

  • I have had that damn receipts and bills pile lounging on my desk for the past 6 months now.

  • I haven't done a puzzle since I was like---hmmmm, around 10 years old.

  • I was so busy working to get that house for my family, that I didn't say Hi enough to those I care about.

The point is- life got crazy before I allowed it to.

Try to make the best of isolation in realizing that you now have time to clean your mental closet.

Sending positivity and love my friend,